Top Ten LondOntLife cartoons for 2017

Here are ten cartoons from LondOntLife from 2017, which for various reasons people seemed to like, in no particular order…

  1.  But it’s peanuts! Charlie Brown!
  2.  A rescue proposal for Springbank Dam
  3.  This is how to advance your cause!
  4.  On a walk down Central Ave…
  5.  Street preachers we’d like to see!
  6.  Last minute legal appeal against patio music
  7.  Blackfriars replacement rope bridge
  8.  We can fix Rapid Transit! Just wait!
  9.  A conversation with a hurricane.
  10.  While ‘yer waitin’ fer the train… 

…though; “But It’s Peanuts …” was one of the first we put up, so it’s had longer to gather hits; “A rescue proposal …” hit over 100 shares off of Facebook; “A conversation …” hit 70 international shares.

Three posts were swiped shared from other sources because they were locally relevant, funny, and I still intend this site to be a source of locally themed editorial cartoons with contributors.

Thematically, I’d say these seem to be about a city that wants to move forward and grow up, while at the same time stalling hard to keep things idyllic, just like they were when we were kids.