Public salaries, the Sunshine List, and minimum wage increases.


Poking around at The Wayback Machine, we found this post  from CartoonLife blog.

This was a find still relevant to local issues so we post it.

Still, how much people are paid and who gets paid too much continues to be something we all whine about. most complaints about BRT is that it will cost money and be inconvenient. We will be be visited by candidates on election tours.

Doug Ford:

“The insiders and the fat cats are getting big raises, while real folks in Ontario haven’t had a real raise in years because of the reckless spending policies of this government,” Ford continued.

From Sunshine List gives Doug Ford election year ammunition at CBC:

As the campaign unfolds, Ford will face persistent questions about how he can possibly cut the budget without eliminating the jobs of at least some of the people on the Sunshine List.

From Why So Many Ontario Voters Are Scared of Doug Ford Becoming Premier at Vice:

“My heart breaks for people making $12, $13 an hour. I support them 100 percent. I would give them a zero tax, put more money back into their pocket. It makes the companies more competitive.”

He didn’t specify how the government would be able to afford outright cutting income taxes for minimum wage workers.

From Minimum wage increase is not as simple as Doug Ford makes it sound at the Burlington Gazette:

But the new leader of the Ontario PC party, Doug Ford, is now saying that he would freeze the minimum wage at $14 an hour and remove everyone earning less than $30,000 a year from the income tax rolls.

There is much further discussion about the complexities of this point, at the Toronto Sun, the The Globe the The Star and Behind The Numbers. We’re here to make cartoons, not discuss issues, after all. Will there be a cartoon here on Monday or Tuesday about his visit here? Stay tuned.