Sadly, this does not get old…


This is a cartoon tweeted by Brent Todarion.

If it weren’t so fr¡gg¡n’ difficult to get a simple link out of a Twitter feed, I would post one.

If WordPress would actually show me in either the old or block editors what the f¡ck is going on when I paste the only invisible thing I can get out of Twitter, I might have a clue how to fix it.

If the Block Editor would show the control for each little block without having to scrub all over the screen looking for the control to show them… if the controls weren’t two clicks deep under an invisible button…

Why does the control toggle to try the Block editor dissappear? Why aren’t the mobile and desktop drafts the same? Why can’t I find a previous post to link to?

So I spent the last hour trying simply to post an image, a link and a comment….

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