Tales Of The Forest City

@dtamblyn says:

London vs. London for “Comic Time”, a free monthly paper in London by local cartoonists.
I took text (with permission) from @brownanddickson awesome “London: 150 Cultural Moments” book: http://biblioasis.com/shop/non-fiction/150-cultural-moments-london/ https://twitter.com/dtamblyn/status/1227626341685694464/photo/1

@dtamblyn says:

Strip #2 for “Comic Time”. #ldnont has a long history of problematic politicians. Here’s the story of Francis Cornish – courtesy of @brownanddickson’s London: 150 Cultural Moments book: http://biblioasis.com/shop/non-fiction/150-cultural-moments-london/ https://twitter.com/dtamblyn/status/1228090358267097089/photo/1

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  1. Deanna

    I would be happy to repost these. I haven’t worked out a system yet for contributors.

    1) I suspect a cartoon could be emailed to me and I would post it.
    2) a cartoon repost could be sourced also from an already online site
    3) I always intended LondOntLife to have other contributors. The blog can be opened to others to post directly.

    I think reposting an image from the Cartoon Time site – to give the link back – is a good choice here.

    I could do this directly, or I could open the blog to you – or Sammy, or anyone willing to post directly.

    Of course credit given and sources acknowledged. I believe credit for posts is a given with Admin or contributor access.

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