It’s some LondOntLife books

I have two LondOntLife books setup and ready for printing and release. The plan all along was to have them ready for Tingest2020. TingFest may or may not be happening under this pandemic

Each book in the set of 20 limited run will cost about $14 to $15 dollars each as a cost to me. They sell really well at $20. But there will be no real world books, really, until there is a marketing point. I hate being all business about this: No obviously tightly aware and siloed market, no point in making product. Like, anyone can actually copy any cartoon off the site for their own use anyway.

I am thinking of putting up downloadable PDF’s of the books, at $5. Anyone interested?

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  1. Thrashing about with an already up, and deprecated store. Another stupidly difficult interface so I took it down. And they want to charge more than I would ever sell.

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