Facebook page is gone. Why, oh, why?

Ah, well, don’t trap us in isolation, and we won’t be rummaging about for things to do. And so being trapped in a stupidly difficult process of deleting Facebook Business Profiles which were somehow created and have never been used, deleting the LondOntLife Facebook page took about an hour of searching. Once found it we weren’t about to let it go. So it’s done. It was tediously difficult to manage anyway and the following for it was very small.
There is the Instagram, to which we must periodically manually post things. There is the Tumblr, which graciously receives posts from the WordPress blog, and Twitter which also wonderfully takes, yes, posts from bots, and has a much more substantial following.
The business profiles limited exposure – seriously, what’s the point without distribution – this has never been a business, and lent the air that this whole thing was indeed a business, that somehow we intended to make money. Hah.
The Blog at WordPress (Scroll to the bottom … right here!) will also send posts to your email. Old fashioned :-) and if you love something, it can be shared from there.
Otherwise, can anyone make a decent argument why LondOntLife needs a Facebook page?