A simpler time

Mr 1867 with his 1967 haircut

Because 1867. Yes. It was the best of times, but a really stupid reason to justify this vote suppression strategy.

And as a point others have made: only men could vote and only upper class, land-holders. Women couldn’t vote. There were no Parties. You could vote for the local person man who you felt best represented your interests. Parties were formed in government out of loose coalitions over issue by issue circumstances. The Opposition was Loyal.

However, the air was clean, CO2 levels were normal and a country was formed with the understanding that diverse people’s could work together under the principles of Peace, Order and Good Government.

The Chinese could work for slave wages on the railroad. Natives were assimilated by being ripped from their communities in residential schools. Jews were disallowed immigration.

So yeah, because 1867 is a good reason.