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The city daily had a cartoonist. He retired. He wasn’t replaced. Local weeklies tried local editorial until they are bought by nationals. The cartoon then becomes the syndicated, broader, political voice. There is no local editorial cartoon voice.

LondontLife is for cartoons, in editorial style, relevant to London, Ontario, Canada. We are inspired by Tingfest, a curated annual exhibition of artists, illustrators, designers, cartoonists influenced by Merle Tingley’s long career.

The town has issues. Sometimes it’s a sleepy village where nothing happens for decades. Sometimes it’s trying to grow up. Sometimes it’s a sprawling vicious real life big city.

Sharing is our distribution

An industry estimate is that when a cartoon is distributed in a print medium, newspaper, magazine, at least 4 people see it. That viewing/sharing/distribution system is also broken locally, aside from the fact there are now no local weekly newspapers. If this was a print-on-dead-trees cartoon, if those dead trees actually made it into your house the readership count was multiplied by 4 or 5. Consider also those dead trees were kept around in a library. Contempary economics preclude that lazy ballooned distribution.

That said, our attitude is; If you like it, share it! If you don’t like it share it! So, sharing is your distribution voice. Like it or hate it. So. Copy. Print. Paste it and stick it on your refridgerator. Tweet. Share.


LondontLife is open for submissions.

We aspire to open this up to allow postings directly, but I expect this will need curation for a bit. Mail your finished cartoons to me. Text comments are open for 14 days on a post. Otherwise, if you have something to say, Draw a picture.

Image sizing standards

Twitter likes jpgs not larger than 1024 on the longest side. We can resize.

The fine print

Non Ad Hominem, not libellous, non-abusive as much as possible, cartoons relevant to London Ontario and South Western Ontario. Be funny. Is that too much to ask? I have no insurance, nor money, nor lawyers to protect you. You own your art. What you say is your own.

Sharing & Copyrights

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA

This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon your work non-commercially, as long as they credit you and license their new creations under the identical terms. View License Deed | View Legal Code

We would like this copyright and sharing standard to be understood as common to all work appearing here. Check out the various Creative Commons licenses. This one is as close as we can get to an improvisational, exquisite-corpse collaborative mode as possible.

Our Fabulous Followers

Periodically we scour our WordPress Following of all the Get Rich From Your Internet Blog Biz Spam sites. Sometimes they come back, and that’s okay.

Twitter suggests followers. Facebook suggests followers. Instagram suggests folks too. And it hurts to not click.

We need to focus on these places as distribution points to keep our focus, maintain this projects editorial voice separate from the editor’s.