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The Cover of It's a LondOntLife #1

It’s a LondOntLife #1

From the blog,, a selection of 49 editorial cartoons from 2017 about London, Ontario, Canada. It’s a LondOntLife #1 CAD$20.00 . There remain a few copies yet of It’s a LondOntLife #1. An incredible deal at only $20.00 and I eat the postage.

Upcoming collections

We will be printing It’s a LondOntLife #2 and #3 cartoons from 2018 and 2019 soon. As before, a limited edition press run of 20 each, signed and numbered. These were stalled due to closing of Tingfest 2020 over Covid pandemic concerns. That annual cartoon show was the basic siloed market for us. Books are also available at Brown & Dickson in London Ontario.

It’s a Londontlife #4 with cartoons from 2020 should be out in a few months.

Doug’s other books are also available at the samupress store at Square.

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It’s a LondOntLife #1

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